house cup $1.95
refill free
to go cup $1.95 | $2.45
refill $.50 | $.75
cold press $2.95 | $3.45
coffee by the cup price varies

double espresso $1.95
americano $1.95 | $2.45
cortado $2.45
affogato $2.95
havana $2.95
cappuccino $2.95
latte $3.45 | $3.95
mocha $3.95 | $4.45
miel $3.95 | $4.45
breve $3.95 | $4.45
frappe $3.95 | $4.45

espresso or syrup shot $.50
milk substitute $1.00

banana berry $3.95
money wrench $3.95
kerouac $3.95
cherry picker $3.95
cocovado $4.95
blue north $4.95

red maple $3.95 | $4.95
green tea latte $3.95 |4.95
chai $3.45 | $3.95
tea $1.95 | $2.45 | $3.95
hot chocolate $3.45
steamer $2.95 | $3.45

Breakfast   Served 8-11am

sandwich $5.95
english muffin, egg, choice of meat, cheddar or garlic cream cheese

bacon roll up $6.95
lavash, egg, bacon, cheddar, garlic cream cheese

burrito $7.95
lavash, potato, egg, pico, cheddar, sausage

curried veggie hash $8.95
potato, carrot, onion, peppers, fried eggs, greens, red beets, queso fresco, cilantro, multigrain toast

spicy pork hash $8.95
potato,pulled pork, pico, fresh jalapeno, fried eggs, jalapeno aioli, queso fresco, multigrain toast

blueberry granola $4.95
granola, steamed whole milk, pure maple syrup, blueberries

banana chai granola $4.95
granola, steamed whole milk, chai syrup, banana, cinnamon

Lunch  Served 11am-5pm

COLD SANDWICHES – served until 5:30
turkey avocado $9.95
ciabatta, turkey, avocado, bacon, cheddar, greens, tomato, red onion, mayo

fire chicken roll $9.95
lavash, chicken, bacon, fresh jalapeno, tomato, jalapeno aioli, queso fresco, greens

red beet & walnut roll $8.95
lavash, white bean dip, red beets, tomato, red onion, carrot, walnuts, greens, queso fresco

classic deli $8.95
multigrain, turkey, ham, cheddar, tomato, onion, greens, mayo, mustard

chicken curry $9.95
lavash, chicken, curry sauce, golden raisins, onion, bell pepper, basil, queso fresco

grilled cheese $6.95
multigrain, cheddar

fign’pig $8.95
ciabatta, ham, bacon, fig preserves, cream cheese

lemongrass pork $10.95
ciabatta, lemongrass ginger sauce, pork, carrots, fresh jalapeno, radish, cucumber, jalalpeno aioli

veggie curry $6.95
ciabatta, veggie hash, garlic lime aioli, cilantro, queso fresco

mini green salad $3.95
curried potato salad $2.95
cilantro lime quinoa $2.95
potato chips $.95
banana $.95

chicken $9.95
chicken, avocado, pico, sweet peppers, cheddar, garlic lime aioli, cilantro, side of quinoa salad

pork $9.95
pork, red onion, red beets, radish, queso fresco, jalapeno aioli, cilantro, side of quinoa salad

fish $9.95
whitefish, lemongrass ginger sauce, carrots, radish, fresh jalapeno, garlic lime aioli, cilantro, side of quinoa salad

SALADS & DIP- served until 5:30
bacon walnut $9.95
greens, bacon, red beets, red onion, radish, queso fresco, walnuts, balsamic vinaigrette

quinoa chicken $9.95
greens, cilantro lime quinoa, avocado, chicken, sweet peppers, buttermilk ranch

white bean dip $4.95
white bean dip, warm ciabatta

KID’S MENU (comes with an Honest Kids Juice Box)
pbj $5.95
multigrain, peanut butter, jam

ham roll up $5.95
lavash, ham, cream cheese, pickle

peanut butter & honey roll up $4.95
lavash, peanut butter, honey drizzle

cheese quesadilla $4.95

flour tortillas, cheddar cheese